The 4 Layers of Transparency

American Investment Services Offers Clients 4 Layers of Transparency


 1.  Custodian – The custodian is a financial institution with the legal responsibility for the customer’s securities.  Fusion Capital Management has partnered with TD Ameritrade Institutional as their financial custodian.  TD Ameritrade’s mission is to support the relationship between the advisor and their client with the best service, technology, and products available.  Put simply, TD Ameritrade offers among the best service in the industry.  TD Ameritrade offers over13,500 mutual funds for an advisor to choose from.  TD Ameritrade also offers an array of equity products and fixed income instruments.

2. Asset Management – Active management involves a single manager, co-managers, or a team of managers who attempt to beat the market return by actively managing a fund’s portfolio through investment decisions based on research of the underlying investments of the portfolio.

3. Trading & Billing - By separating the trading and billing, Fusion is able to provide an additional layer of security, enduring that there is always a complete system of checks and balances in place to help protect a client’s account. (Fusion Capital Management conducts trading and billing)

4. Reporting –  Fusion Capital Managment's innovative style of reporting provides complete transparency to a client’s portfolio.  A completely independent 3rd party provides secure and compliant reporting providing a 4th layer of transparency within the system.  Fusion provides access to a client’s online account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with reporting features typically not available at most custodians.