A fundamental concept in finance is the relationship between risk and return.  The greater the amount of risk that an investor is willing to take on, the greater the potential return.  Due to the risk versus return substitution, an investor must realize and be conscious of his or her very own risk tolerance.  We will guide you through a thorough risk analysis process to assist you in establishing an appropriate risk level for your investment planning needs.


Fusion Capital Management

John Mark Canada offers investments through Fusion Investment Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor who has brought together a very disciplined team of money managers, creating a very diverse platform in an effort to meet each individual investor’s unique needs.  Fusion Capital Management offers an open architecture investment platform, incorporating some of the industry’s best, institutional-style sub-advisers, who have consistently demonstrated world-class proficiency and direction. 

The Fusion Capital platform includes a wide range of customizable investment portfolios managed by top institutional money managers located all across the country.  Utilizing them, Fusion Capital is able to provide the investor with access to low-cost institutional-style funds and tax efficient investments not normally available directly to individual investors.  An investor’s portfolio will be based on individual circumstances, featuring a variety of benefits to assist in minimizing expenses and managing risk, while affording the opportunity to obtain the long term gains sought.

*Representatives of Business Blocks 101, Inc. may recommend tax services and insurance products or services not offered or supported by the advisory firm Fusion Capital Management.